Event Planning and Management

After many years working the other side of the table with Event Managers and Planners it occurred to some of our clients that Modelcraft were actually the ones doing all the planning and managing but we were sitting in the wrong chair! Buoyed by the confident encouragement of many we moved into the lead role with enthusiasm.

Our planning and management team have quickly developed a love of festivals and events, with each one taking on special meaning for us. With this zest for the job we are proud to say our goal is to always exceed our clients expectations rather than just meeting them.

To achieve this we know only too well that we must always have a clear understanding of our clients goals and desired outcomes. Careful and thorough planning, in collaboration with the client team, is the key to our success and ensures that our clients come back to work with us again and again. On top of this we are proud to say that most new clients have arrived at our door through personal recommendation rather than being referred by our friend GOOGLE!

After so many years in the industry we also have a great many reliable local companies to call on to fill in and support where we cannot do so from our in-house capability. Be it equipment and staging rental, fireworks, laser shows, dancers, choreographers, caterers and much more Modelcraft can confidently point you in the right direction.

Whether your festival or event is small or large, corporate or public, city or regional…Modelcraft is the reliable and creative company that you should be talking to.