As our name (model – craft) suggests we started life many years ago as a modelmaking firm. What was a passion for a couple of young guys has grown into an international business. Those two guys (note the word “young” is omitted) are still here and still passionate, but now not just about models.

Over the past 30 years Modelcraft has been called upon by clients all over the world to assist them when they needed to present their products and services. Whether this was something as large as a total solution for their involvement in an international trade exhibition or a simple graphic for an email campaign we have been able to help successfully.

So from a modelmaking firm in a grungy inner city studio in Sydney, Australia we have associated offices in three countries , working across a range of services to achieve the Modelcraft Group goal, which is to provide our clients with a solution that we ourselves would want if we were them. The Bottom line for us is to treat our clients as we want them to treat us. It is often said that you are only as good as the promises you keep and this really is true of every business. Keeping this thought fresh in the minds of our team is part of the daily routine at the Modelcraft Group.

Although each division has its own identity, they seamlessly work together, if and when needed, to provide the best possible solution to our clients. The benefit of working with the Modelcraft group is that you will get that solution provided to you “under the one roof”… and that is the level of comfort our clients want.

Our people are our strength and we hand pick the team in each location to ensure that every aspect of your project is managed professionally. We have experts available in the technical and artistic requirements needed for your project…from project planning, through design, procurement, fabrication and implementation – we have you in safe hands.

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Ever wondered where those interesting displays in museums and visitor centres come from…you know the one where you push a button or wave your arms and something really interesting happens…or those beautifully crafted dioramas? Well wonder no more…companies like ours have been working behind the scenes for years making sure the designers see their vision realised in the most amazing way.

Our team at Modelcraft are busy working on temporary and permanent museum quality displays, ranging from corporate headquarters for international corporations to Government run museums.

From our own experience we understand well that projects like these are really the result of collaboration between clients and a range of consultants including architects, project managers, designers and technical specialists. We are experienced at co-ordination of these multiple skillsets

Our services in these projects include:

  • Research (Including technical research)
  • Installation Design (Both static and interactive)
  • Storyline Development
  • Multimedia creation
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions
  • Exhibit specific software (specification & development)


Modelcraft Architectural Presentations combines the visual impact of physical modeling and cutting edge interactive technologies with the photorealism of digital presentations. Modelcraft Architectural Presentations are able to provide a full service to both developers and designers alike. The range of services included within this division of the Modelcraft Group include

Modelcraft Digital

  • CG Imagery
  • CG Animation
  • Scripting and Storyboarding
  • Green Screen Filming
  • Voiceover Recording
  • 3D Passive + Active Animation

Modelcraft Digital produces CG animations and images that leave a lasting impression by working
closely with our clients to create something relevant and memorable. CG Imagery and 3d Animations
are created using the latest in animation software, high end workstations, and in-house render farm.
Voiceovers, a composed musical score, and 2d motion graphics can be added and real actors can even
be filmed for inclusion using our green screen studio. Final editing takes place in our in-house
post production facilities.

Modelcraft Physical

  • Model & Stand Design Fabrication
  • Specialist Packaging
  • Transportation
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Photography

Using state of the art technology to compliment the traditional skills used in our industry, we offer a comprehensive service involving all aspects of physical modelmaking. With a back catalogue of over 2,000 models successfully delivered to clients throughout the world, Modelcraft is the leading model making firm in Australasia and the Middle East. Our model making team has grown considerably during our 20 year history, largely due to the ongoing support of our existing client base. Modelcraft also leads the industry in aftercare services which have been developed during consultation with our clients. From briefing to aftercare, with a Modelcraft model you’re in safe hands.


  • Interactive Model Lighting
  • Environmental Controls for Display Suites
  • Presentation Lightshows
  • Websites
  • Real Time Virtual Tours
  • Theatre Projection Systems

Models have evolved beyond their traditional function. Combining our two core strengths of model making and digital media has allowed us to take both to a new level. Our interactive presentations take your message directly to your audience and have been shown with great success during launch events or are on permanent display in exhibitions, sales centres and museums. We carry out every step in the process in-house – concept design and development, interface design, coding, hardware supply and installation.

Contact the team at Modelcraft Architectural Presentations today or visit our dedicated website for detailed case studies and portfolio.

Visit our dedicated Architectural Presentations Websites


A gadget[gaj-it] noun is a small tool such as a machine that has a particular function, but is often thought of as a novelty

Synonyms contraption; whatsis, doohickey, thingamajig.

As the definition above says our gadgets bring a novelty value to your exhibition or event. they are memorable and when the visitor remembers them, and by association your company or product, then our work is done…and done well! We loved the synonyms so much that we have included them here so you can use them on your next event invitation…

We have a range of gadgets which are growing as rapidly as we can either licence or invent something worthwhile. Most of these are Interactive or our creative team work out how to make the interactive. By that we mean we make them work with touch sensitive devices because interactive is all about “Touch” – pretty much a household world since Apple dropped the iphone onto the market.

“…join us and see our amazing doohickeys and thingamajigs…”

  • Dreamoc HD


Event Planning and Management

After many years working the other side of the table with Event Managers and Planners it occurred to some of our clients that Modelcraft were actually the ones doing all the planning and managing but we were sitting in the wrong chair! Buoyed by the confident encouragement of many we moved into the lead role with enthusiasm.

Our planning and management team have quickly developed a love of festivals and events, with each one taking on special meaning for us. With this zest for the job we are proud to say our goal is to always exceed our clients expectations rather than just meeting them.

To achieve this we know only too well that we must always have a clear understanding of our clients goals and desired outcomes. Careful and thorough planning, in collaboration with the client team, is the key to our success and ensures that our clients come back to work with us again and again. On top of this we are proud to say that most new clients have arrived at our door through personal recommendation rather than being referred by our friend GOOGLE!

After so many years in the industry we also have a great many reliable local companies to call on to fill in and support where we cannot do so from our in-house capability. Be it equipment and staging rental, fireworks, laser shows, dancers, choreographers, caterers and much more Modelcraft can confidently point you in the right direction.

Whether your festival or event is small or large, corporate or public, city or regional…Modelcraft is the reliable and creative company that you should be talking to.


Museum Operations and Management

Our clients know that building a new museum, or updating an existing one, is an exciting process, with the end result being delivery of a multi-function venue that is world class. Operations and ongoing management need to meet the same high standards.

Designing and building a museum requires very special and talented team…as does managing the museum when it is ready to open. Modelcraft have in recent years developed an in-house team with expertise in Museum Operations and offer services including the day to day public facing operational management team, docent staffing, ushers and hosts, handbook and handout materials development, educational management, document control and ongoing docent upskilling and training.

We work with our clients to ensure that the visitor experience matches the high standards being set by their venue, not just at the opening but for years to come.

Modelcraft have several venues under management within KSA and in line with the goals of the Vision 2030 we seek to support this initiative through ongoing knowledge transfer to local graduates we have recruited for placement throughout our teams.

Modelcraft are actively growing this OPERATIONS DIVISION to support the challenges being presented by the ambitious growth targets being set by our clients, and would welcome an opportunity to work with you on your next project!


Experience centers – Temporary and Permanent

Modelcraft has established itself as the leading company in this sector in KSA and the wider GCC region. We have, in recent years, completed several large scale and time sensitive projects, to the complete satisfaction of our clients…and the visitors who use these interactive spaces!

We have been operating in the region for more than a decade, and understand that we need to focus on achieving the right balance between client expectations , budget and scheduling. Our dedication to careful client consultation and clear and open communication are key components of our success.

Modelcraft has a reputation for creating outstanding interactive exhibitions, for both government and corporate clients, engaging visitors through the use of high impact technology and outstanding design.

We work alongside some of the worlds’ most talented exhibition designers ensuring that their visions are realised through our skills in multimedia, system integration and interactive designs. We also take concept design from our clients and develop them to realise the dream they dared create.

We proudly stand by our work, often being engaged by our clients to maintain and update them for years after they have opened.


We know we can’t be the experts at everything…no matter how hard we try. Not often, but sometimes the different divisions of the Modelcraft Group need specialists to come in and assist and over time we have built up some pretty great relationships with companies who are considered our special partners. These are the leaders in their fields and enhance what we do with great ideas and brilliant work whenever we need their help.

Eclipse Staging Services provides a turnkey solution where possible and supplies an extensive range of lighting, audio, video, laser, interactive, rigging and power distribution services, as well as technical project management.



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